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better understanding * better treatments * better lives

Our Mission. Our Focus

better understanding * better treatments * better lives 


BioAutism is a Health Promotion Charity (HPC) with Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status in Australia. Our objective is to help fund research into  autism so that in the future we may all benefit from improved diagnosis and treatments. BioAutism advocates for more funding in this area. It is the also only charity in Australia solely dedicated to supporting autism research.  

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Nicola Acevedo


Nicola is a clinical trial coordinator at the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health investigating dominantly inherited Alzheimer’s disease. Nicola is also undertaking a PhD in neuroscience and psychiatry at Swinburne University, assessing neurostimulation therapies for severe obsessive compulsive and related disorders. Nicola is passionate about mental health research and advocacy and has worked across diverse clinical projects.

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Scientific Advisory Committee

BioAutism has set up a Scientific Advisory Commitee which assists the charity to identify high quality autism research projects and to facilitate the establishment of cooperative autism research studies.

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Effects all ethnic and socioeconomic groups


Average annual cost for care during childhood


Average age of diagnosis 


Autism is not caused by vaccinations

  • What happens to donations and other funds raised?
    All funds raised by BioAutism that are not used to cover costs of running events or administration of the organisation go towards autism research. BioAutism raises money by running events, through peer-to-peer sponsorship and lastly from donations. When we run an event there are costs involved so a portion of the funds raised go towards the cost of the event. For example when we put on our annual film night we need to pay for the film tickets and other costs associated with the event. When we receive donations or sponsorship most of these funds go towards supporting our cause but a small portion go towards costs such as this website. BioAutism has no employees and its Board members volunteer their time.
  • How does BioAutism decide on the allocation of funds for autism research? projects
    BioAutism is fortunate to have a Scientific Advisory Committee which assists the charity to identify high quality autism research projects and to facilitate the establishment of cooperative autism research studies. The Committee is made up of some of the best autism researchers in Australia including Professor Katrina Williams, who is the Australia Chair of Developmental Medicine at the University of Melbourne.
  • Are my donations tax deductible?
    BioAutism is registered as a health promotion charity which has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) status in Australia. This means that when you donate $2 or more to BioAutism we are authorised to give you a receipt which entitles you to a tax deduction for the full amount of your donation.
  • Is BioAutism's only purpose to raise funds for autism research?
    No. As well as raising funds for research, BioAutism also actively advocates for more autism research from both the public and private sector in Australia. We know Australia has some of the best autism researchers in the world but many of these people need to go overseas to get funding for their work or worse simply abandon their studies because of the inability to source funding. Our boeard members regularly meet with state and federal members of government as well as private sector research funding organisations to put the case for greater investment from Australian government and companies in autism research.
  • Why is regular giving important for BioAutism?
    Regular giving is the best way to support BioAutism. It lets us plan our work more effectively. It also means we have a flexible and reliable income we can always count on.
  • Why does BioAutism spend money on fundraising?
    We spend money on fundraising for the sole purpose of raising funds for autism research and meeting operating costs such as the cost of hosting this website. For every $1 that we spend on fundraising we aim to raise more than $2.

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384-388 Albert Street
East Melbourne
VIC 3002

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