The Impact of Autism

The impact of a diagnosis of autism, especially for first time parents, is devastating. All their dreams of having a perfect child come crashing down. They have to come to terms with the fact their child is almost certainly not going to be like other children, unless they are willing and able to put in a lot of hard work themselves, and enlist others to help maximise their child’s potential. On top of this, the risk of having another child on the spectrum is fairly high at about 5%, so many parents tend to be wary of having additional children, even though the presence of a sibling can be beneficial in terms of developing social interaction.
Some families need a substantial amount of help from their local services organisations, as well as educational institutions. Eventually when the child is older, living arrangements and work placement need to be considered. Unfortunately not all on the spectrum will be capable of independent living, and this puts a strain on family finances and emotional well-being.
Asperger children, who generally appear to be very knowledgeable about certain subjects, can be quite isolated in society as they do not have the social skills which enable them integrate into a class or workplace setting. Fortunately there is a demand for their skills in areas such as IT and engineering.