BioAutism Ltd Logo & Website

The overall shape of the BioAutism logo is that of a key which will unlock the mystery of autism. The logo brings together several ideas about autism.
The cog surrounding the “Bio” syllable represents the dynamic nature of the biochemical processes which take place in the body. All reactions lead to other reactions, so a problem in one part of the body can have an impact in another part. 
These reactions can be seen as cogs interacting at various speeds and setting off further reactions in different directions. 
The Key is indicating that in order to tackle the apparent increase in the numbers of cases of autism, it is essential to have an understanding of the underlying biochemistry and genetics of the body, not just in isolation, but also in terms of how it interacts with the environment (ie the involvement of epigenetic factors).  This is true for all other human conditions, from mental illness to cancer and beyond.