Welcome to BioAutism

BioAutism is the only charity in Australia dedicated specifically to raising awareness and funding for research into what causes autism.

In 2017 it is estimated that about 3000 babies will be born in Australia with autism adding to the existing autistic population of about 240,000.

Government funding for basic autism research in Australia is very limited. We need your support so that Australian scientists can help find the causes of autism, and produce better diagnostic tools and treatments than are currently available.

We are very pleased to have received support from Kathy Lette, author of "The Boy Who Fell To Earth" and we hope you will join her by signing up for our newsletter and/or making a donation.

"People with autism often feel that they are drowning in their own brain waves.  BioAutism offers a scientific life raft. One in every 68 people is on the autistic spectrum, and yet so little is understood about the condition.

BioAutism's sponsorship of research will help discover the causes of autism and more effective treatments. What my own autistic son has taught me is that there is no such thing as normal and abnormal, just ordinary and extraordinary.

BioAutism will help these unique people to find their place in the world. " 

Kathy Lette